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IRENE - FOREST GODDESS - Melbourne Yoga Photographer

Deep in the forest in the middle of winter Irene bared herself to Mother Nature and to my lens. As we met early in the day, our breath turning into dancing plumes of visible vapour, we jumped foot to foot to stay warm while we organised our route and loaded Irene's outfits into my car. I had a location we were heading for but as often happens we found a spot before we could get there, a winding and wending forest path screamed out as we passed it.

Sometimes you meet people and they ooze warmth and a feeling of being all heart, Irene is one of those people. She has a sweet smile, a playful and cheeky way, quick wit, and a sense of such connectedness to her world. A super inspiring women Irene left Italy many, many years ago and has since been on quite the adventure, living in Barcelona, spending time studying yoga in India, Thai massage in northern Thailand, Kahuna massage in NSW, to name only a speck of her journey. I have to mention that I have had the privilege of hearing Irene play harmonium and sing mantras, what a surreal, beautiful experience.

Knowing these things about Irene I set out to capture her, to try and portray in her images what she stands for and parts of who she is. In the freezing cold, and I mean it was COLD, Irene breathed her way into these gorgeous asana and let herself move and play for the session. Irene, you're an absolute gem and I can't wait to capture you again this summer.

X Dani

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