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Jem and Mini

How do I book with you?


Firstly send me an email or fill in the contact form with your ideal session date and which type of session you’re after, I’ll get back to you asap and once we’ve locked a date in that works for us both I’ll send you a questionnaire, contract, and invoice. Once the retainer of $80 is paid and the contract signed and returned your session is then confirmed.


The contract is to ensure we are both on the same page and all clear on each others expectations.


The questionnaire is invaluable for me to discover what makes you and your family tick, what really makes you, YOU. The more you open up and pour your heart into it the more unique and personalised I can make your images. 



What to expect from my shoot?


Once we’ve arranged a location and you’ve worked out your outfits, the only thing left to do is show up on the day. I keep my sessions very relaxed and let kiddos guide us to start with which eases us into the session. I spend time playing and chatting with your kids to help them feel at ease with me being around, we’ll explore and I’ll throw in some little activities, or cues to get the most authentic versions of you shining in your shots. 


It’s super important kids (well everyone actually) feel comfortable with me, so building a connection and keeping the session fun are high on my list. As I’m not much of a posey photographer I capture you just as you are, keeping to more of a documentary style while gently guiding you in how to interact or directing you into the best light.



How do I chose a session location?


Great question and the best way to decide is to go with where you feel most comfortable and which location really speaks of you. If getting cosy in the nooks and crannies of your home, snuggling in front of the fire with a tea, or maybe an icecream on the back porch screams you, an in home session may be your bag. Your own home is often the place that people feel the most comfortable, kids feel safe, and there’s no re-settling into an unfamiliar space. Plus what better way to document all the details your haven to look back on!


Outdoor sessions are equally as delicious. Catching the golden light as we play in long grass, wandering seashores collecting shells, dancing under grand old trees in a forest, you in these settings allows the rawness in you to show and your connections with each other to truly shine!


I have a bevy of stunning location ideas so let’s chat and work out the best one for you and your family.



What should we wear?


Generally earthy tones and pastels photograph the best. Depending on your location certain tones may look better than others, I’m more than happy to discuss this once your location is sorted. Natural is best, and wearing what makes you feel beautiful is what should be your guide, there’s nothing worse than feeling self-conscious of your outfit and trying to relax for photos, those two don’t really go hand in hand. If youre thinking of heels and professional makeup then I’m probably not the right photographer for you. I will have you laying in the grass, dancing, and getting sandy. I want to capture the wild soul inside of you, the beautful you without anything extra added.



What happens after?


I will work hard to get your album edited and ready within 4-6 weeks, depending on my workload it may be sooner. I’ll send you numerous sneak peeks along the way too. You’ll receive your images in digital form in a beautiful secure online album. You’ll recieve your album link in an email and can download your images for personal use to print or share as you like, as many times as you like before the album expires. You get both high resolution and low resolution download options.



What if the weather packs in on the day or we’re sick?


Important to know if it’s a gentle shower we’ll go ahead. If it’s pouring or 35% chance of then we’ll need to postpone. If you’re sick or I’m unwell then we have to postpone too, I don’t want to pass anything on to your sweet family. 



What if Covid rears it’s ugly head and locks us down?


If we’re required to follow restrictions that affect your session we’ll postpone. If we’re legally allowed to continue with your session I’ll ensure recommended guidlines are followed.



Can extended family join the session?


I prefer to focus on the connection between kiddos and their parents, and limit it to six people and fur babies for family sessions, however if there’s a special occasion like an elopement you’d like captured that's different ,contact me and we can discuss it.



Do you travel for sessions?


That’s definitely a YES! I’m based in Melbourne and travel to Bay of Plenty, NZ to work also. Anywhere within 25km of Melbourne is included in the session price, further afield incurs a small fee and anywhere an overnight stay is required I just ask that you cover my accomodation/airfare. I will travel internationally.



How many images do I get, do I get to choose them, and can I see the RAW files?


Check out your session info and contract for the amount of pics you’ll receive as the amount differs between sessions. No you dont get to choose the images as I include a nice variety of images which are specifically choosen by me to provide you a carefully curated mix, I don’t watermark and upsell as that feels icky to me, I don’t edit every capture only the best images and you recieve all of these as part of the stipulated amount included in your session price.


 Showing you the entire RAW catalogue would be like showing you the ingredients for a cake and having you imagine what the cake would be like, they aren’t a true representation of my work and not what I would be providing you in your album, so NO sorry you cannot view the RAW images nor will they be supplied.

Feeling ready?

I'd love to hear from you.

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