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Self-Love Expression

This session is for you to record the sacred moment you are in, this part of your life in which you can see and believe in your own self-worth, realise you are worthy of the self-love you are developing for yourself.

I want these sessions to be part of your journey in releasing old body stories and stepping into the present where positive self talk is taking over, a session in which you celebrate YOU!

Take yourself on a journey, feel your essence and honour yourself having stepped into your highest power.

You are empowered,

You are equally strong and soft,

You are confident,

You are seriously beautiful inside and out.

It takes a lot to reach a point in which you can say these things to yourself and believe each word; it takes a lot to break away from conditioned beliefs and false judgements.



 These Self-Love sessions are incredibly personal and specifically tailored to YOU. They are a chance to document just how truly beautiful you are, no matter where you are on your self-love journey.  


As self-explanatory as that ‘personal’ can be, this type of shoot can be many things, depending on your reasons behind it. Those reasons can vary greatly from person to person. The images may be to document your progress, they may be to treat yourself because you ARE worthy, they may even be to gift something a little fun and flirty to a loved one, whatever the reason, we work together on crafting a fun, empowering session unique to you. 


I am going to capture you as you are, as you feel.


I am going to capture your story in creative, inspiring, and emotive images.

For more information check out my sessions

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