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IN-HOME PHOTOGRAPHY SESSIONS-WHY BOOK ONE? - Melbourne Lifestyle Photographer

In-home lifestyle photography sessions are so very different to location sessions. I love both and both have their place. Let me explain why in-home sessions are awesome!

1. Raining and blowing a gale? Doesn't matter!

The beauty of holding a session in your home is that the weather has no upper hand at all, no matter what is going on outside your session can go ahead. What's better, you can literally have a cuddle in front of the crackling fire and drink a hot chocolate, or gaze out the window at the rain wrapped in your favourite blanket while we shoot. It's a chance to really capture your family in the cosiest spot of all-your nest!

2. Ditch the stress, I come to you.

Don't worry about being late, trying to organise nappy bags and snacks, coats and umbrellas, I take care of the being on time part, which means you are hopefully ultra relaxed for your session. Most people, kids especially, are more relaxed in their own space making for a lovely experience. If it's a family session kids can be captured and then have some time out doing their thing to break up the time and keep their interest up while it is their turn, it's often also easier to keep an eye on little ones at home rather than a park or beach setting making for a different experience.

3. Ideal for newborn bubbas and keeps Mum in her postpartum sanctuary.

Having a new little one in the mix is a wonderful, often hectic, definitely sleep deprived, period of time. Having an in-home session takes the pressure off during these hazy days and means you can continue to rest, wipe the baby vomit off easily mid-session, change nappies in a comfy accessible spot, control the room temperature for a content wee one, and focus on the special moment with your bubba rather than the organisation of getting a newborn out of the house. It's generally a time you all feel like hibernating and slowing down, time for nurturing Mum, and connection. It also means that we get to capture all of the sweet details of baby's first home, like the decor, handmade gifts, or nursery. Heck Mum doesn't even need to get out of bed if that's where she wants to be.

4. Be captured in the current phase of your life, doing your favourite things.

We all change over time, especially kids! Kiddos eventually stop wanting to play Jenga with the family, mixing up some pancakes on a Sunday morning, or wearing their favourite costume on the trampoline, these are the memories I love to capture so you have them recorded forever. I'm sure you have an old album tucked away somewhere of your childhood, with wonderfully filmic looking images which take you straight back to the very moment it was taken, like it was only yesterday. Having your home as the backdrop means you have images to look back on to remind you of your home too-the place so many memories are created. There're also the fur babies and pets who can be a part of the session at home.

5. Privacy! Want to jump on the bed in your undies, you can!

Snuggles and affection feel more natural in your own space. Being in your own comfortable setting allows for more natural, emotive images to be captured. This means more of the intimate moments of your life can be recorded, cuddles and kisses, hanging in your undies or birthday suit, breastfeeding, bathing with your little loves, all of the beautiful layers of your life, the rituals, and the rawness that is overlooked but so incredibly, insanely gorgeous, not to mention, REAL!

So let's do it! Let's capture you in your home, doing things your way, being you. Get in touch for In-Home Family, Motherhood, Newborn, Maternity, Self-Love Expression, and Couple Sessions.

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