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"HAVING A SISTER" - Melbourne Maternity Photographer

Rain was threatening but we decided to brave the weather and capture the magic of this family of three soon to become four anyway. We pulled to the side of a back road in one of Melbourne's lushest forests and squelched through the mud to find ourselves amongst intensely green trees and ferns. Here we played, Taran showed us some sweet dance moves, and told us very adamantly, although they weren't finding out, that he was having a sister. We headed to the coast next and sat it out in our cars waiting for a break in the rain that had arrived. Making a dash for the wild and windy beach we managed to make the most of the dramatic stormy skies and deserted sands while we could until eventually the rain was literally coming at us sideways. We splashed about in puddles on our way to the cars and totally reverted to kids for a bit. Thanks for a super fun session Prishnee, Jaysen, and Taran. X


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