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BABY MAYLA-BLOOM - Melbourne Newborn Photographer

Divine Mayla-Bloom. Sometimes a client contacts me and when I hear all about their home and what they want to include in their shots it gets me so excited, like a puppy excited when their parents get home from being out without them kind of excited, this is before I even meet them and see their place. That's how I felt before running this newborn session for Emily, Michael, and Mayla-Bloom. Think fur baby, victorian townhouse, rattan bits, natural light, and special mohair blankets, all with the sweet sweet love of two parents for their darling baby girl, swoon.

The reality of photography is that you just have to roll with whatever happens during a session and go with it. We had Braxton, Michael and Emily's fur baby scratching down the door to be in every shot, literally, Mayla-Bloom was in a feeding frenzy and just wanted Mumma; but that's the beauty of lifestyle photography, you want to capture it all, including the tears and the challenges because that's real life, these are the moments you forget because of such a hazy sleep deprived state or because the bigger milestones overshadow these seemingly small, but not small at all parts. Thanks for welcoming me in to capture your story Emily, Michael, and sweet Mayla-Bloom!



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